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Client list for the RPG/CCG/tabletop gaming industry:


3D modeling/texturing/animation for video games:

Contract design/sculpt/paint designer toy / urban vinyl.

Shows & Exhibitions:
3/2012: "Earth Movement: Kokoro Studio, San Francisco, CA
2/2012: " I'm a Bad Apple " Bad Applez, Inc. NY
2/2012: " Year of the Dragon " Dragatomi, Sacramento, CA
1/2012: " Mummy Mania: Customs from the crypt " Super7, San Francisco, CA
11/2011: "The Epic Adventures of Swamp McSwamperton " Blamo/Million Fishes, San Francisco, CA
10/2011: " It's Alive! " Rendition Gallery, Ft Collins, CO
09/2011: " Old School Video Game Art Show " Gallery 1988, Santa Monica, CA
06/2011: "Munnyworld Mega Contest" 2nd place, Best Trikky, Kidrobot
05/2011: "Battle Bracket 2" finalist, Custom Toy Union.
04/2011-08/2011: "Lunartik Mini-Tea tour" 43° Kitchen Berlin, Sixxa Vienna, Forbidden Planet London
12/2010: "The Almighty Dunny Show" Genuine Artikle/Halcyon, Brooklyn
11/19/10: "SKETCHBOT CUSTOM SHOW 2" Munky King, Los Angeles, CA
10/2010: "Little Monsters" Million fishes, San Francisco, CA
10/2010: "Toy2R 15th Anniversary DIY Qee" Dragatomi, Sacramento, CA