The Great Gameboard Giveaway

Global Contest:
The Great Gameboard Giveaway!

Games Workshop picked a winner from photos submitted of player-generated terrain pieces and gave them a fully painted and textured Realm Of Battle gameboard.
They picked mine.

Thanks to everyone who entered ‘The Great Gameboard Giveway’, it was tremendous fun looking through all of the many, many images we received. You’ve even inspired a few of us here at Games Workshop HQ to make some more terrain. However, there could be only one winner and that man is Jeremy Dale from California. I’ll show you Jeremy’s piece on Wednesday along with a selection of the other entries.”

They asked for pics, so I sent them a bunch of photos that they put up on the What’s New Today page from 9-08-2010.  It will probably prompt you to select your country, just pick it from the pulldown.
And another one at this link from 9-13 with a thumbnail and clickable photo detail of some Stormtroopers and Valkyrie on the pad.

I want to commend the GW Web and  Twitter crew for really sticking with it and providing a valuable service to the community.  I’ve seen so many initiatives like this get cut for various reasons.

Thanks again for holding the contest, and most of all for honoring me with that board!  It’s the best kind of trophy… one I can play with!

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