First pull out of new mold. You can see a sneak of one of the baby Qeesassins in the bg, with metal R/W head.

Aside from a lot of bubbles, my first mold in 8 years came out OK. Poured and pulled eight on Monday. Started getting a bit loopy with exhaustion and resin fumes, so I cleaned up and started to head out.
But wait, one mustn’t waste any time, I figured I’d pour one for the road, and get it in the morning.
And in the morning, this is what I got.

Do your homework kids. Don't end up like this guy. Ewwww.

Note to self: Never eyeball chemistry. It never “oughta do it”

Thanks to Motorbot for kindly replying to my Twitter freakout, I knew how to untaint the mold, and got things pouring again.

The part I’m casting is about 10ML worth of liquid, but that’s pretty hard to mix exactly, so I always go for more, then pour the extra into half of an old mold to get basing materials for miniatures. It’s also akin to ‘kiln angels’ in ceramic, where I can see the state of that batch before levering the glove mold open.

This is probably all I’ll do for a bit, until I get all of the Baby Qeesassins started.
I’m going to see about running the mold into the ground later casting more of these as objective markers for tabletop wargames..

tekhead army.

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