Nearly a week after Thanksgiving, and so much to catch up on.
Here’s a quick recap of my Designer Con experience.
John Stokes was kind enough to offer me some space to display my wares.   I’d originally bought that Celsius from him for the contest he ran awhile back, so it was nice to formally introduce them.

Spanky’s Valley, originally uploaded by valleydweller.

Darren, from Apex Trading / Toy2R and I had spoken a couple of times after he’d seen and featured my Dragatomi show piece, BATTERY.  It hadn’t even occurred to me to ask him if he’d mind if my Qees hung out in his booth for a day.  Unfortunately, a shipping error for them turned out to be a boon (empty shelf to occupy) for me, and he was more than happy to host Dr. Arsenault and his latest creation, the prototype QeeSassin in a can.  These little guys will be blindboxed set of 10 or so, hopefully dropping around the WonderCon timeframe.

Prototype Qeesassin in a Can, originally uploaded by valleydweller.

My entries into the Choking Hazard show at the October Toys booth. The 5 in the uper left. Had a great time chatting with the crew here, such nice people.

Choking Hazard., originally uploaded by valleydweller.

Run-Doh, my entry in the So Analog show, featured at the Squid Kids Ink booth.  Pretty happy with how it turned out with the quick turnaround.  I know it’s not very healthy, but the resin was really fun to carve the teeth, toes, and fingernails into.

Much thanks to Mikie Graham from Blamo Toys for bringing down my Little Monsters pieces.
The custom Garuru I painted has a new home at Screaming Sky Gallery in Oregon!

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