Old School Video Game Show

I was thrilled when I found out I’d be participating in Gallery 1988′s upcoming
Old School Video Game show.

Doing something in Vinyl was fairly obvious, since that’s what I’ve been focusing on for the last year.  I’d recently come into a bunch of Buff Monster minis that I thought would make cute Pac-Man Ghosts, so I went with that, and made a Pac-Monster to go with them.

Pac-Monster, originally uploaded by valleydweller.

With this being Gallery 1988, I wanted to attempt to make a good impression and show some versatility, so I did my first traditional (acrylic) flat painting(s) in over a decade.  I’ve done a lot of Illustration, but it’s all been digital, and I hadn’t actually painted a canvas since around ’96.  One thing I’d never used really at all before was an airbrush, and it proved invaluable here for helping me push values around.

Earthworm Jim holds a big place in my heart, because he’s what got me back into video games.  I hadn’t seen anything like it at the time, and rented a SNES and the cart just to play it.  He also got me my first development gig, with The Neverhood, based on some fan art of him at the top of a video game job opening web page I’d created.    I wanted to paint him in a sci-fi setting, so I went with Space Invaders, with him taking cover under one of the crumbling shields, as it’s being pelted from above.

My original sketch for the above painting actually had Samus in front, crouched with gun-arm braced for firing the opposite direction Jim was looking.  I ended up rolling with just him on it to keep it cleaner, but regretted not having them team up.  I’d gone from that to a Star Wars style shot of Jim standing heroically with Samus embracing his leg, like the poster, but that seemed to cliche’ so I flipped it around and had her rescue him. I like the innocence of him really falling for her when he finds out she’s not a dude.

Saved By Samus, originally uploaded by valleydweller.

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