2011 wrapup interstitial

Good thing nobody reads this blog, or they’d realize how behind I am.

vlldllr.tumblr.com ended up being far easier for me to do noncommittal updates to. Here, I feel obligated to actually write things and give real news.

Things I wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to:
Year in review: 2011. Until then, there’s this bit that Andy encouraged me to contribute to, thanks for that push.   http://toysrevil.blogspot.com/2012/01/11-pixs-for-2011-valleydweller.html

D-con wrapup (see image at the top). Sold a bunch of Ch’Orbs, finished 3 Qeesassins in a Can.

Show updates. Swampy Blamo show, Mummy Mania at Super7, finished piece for Bad Applez online show, finishing up pieces for Dragatomi’s Year of the Dragon that opens this saturday, Earth Movement, and then I’m clear (except for commissions) for awhile.

Store updates (had a good Black Friday, and hit over 500 followers so I had a 50% off sale at valleydweller.bigcartel.com on the 5th of January)

Day with Toy Break. Made ten October Ch’Orbs in a day to help contribute to Toy Break during the podcast-a-thon.

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