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Jack-Ass!, originally uploaded by valleydweller. My custom Raffy for the Urban Vinyl Daily “They Came from the Streets 2″ show. Available for purchase here:

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Frosty the Pyro

Frosty the Pyro, a set on Flickr. Via Flickr: Custom foam apple for the "I’m a Bad Apple" online group show from Bad Applez Inc. A fairly deliberate mashup of children’s fairy tales and Team Fortress 2. View the pieces … Continue reading

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Dragatomi_yotd_valleydweller_online, originally uploaded by valleydweller. Artwork from Dragatomi’s Year of the Dragon show is now for sale online! This is just a search for valleyDweller. You can find all of them here:…

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2011 wrapup interstitial

Green Qeesassin(s)-in-a-Can for Designer Con, originally uploaded by valleydweller. Good thing nobody reads this blog, or they’d realize how behind I am. ended up being far easier for me to do noncommittal updates to. Here, I feel obligated to … Continue reading

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Dirty Bomb and Slick (Mini Gobi)

A pair of custom Muttpop Mini Gobi have been completed and added to my webstore to help fuel my trip to Designer Con. Store Link: Dirty Bomb (Mini Gobi), originally uploaded by valleydweller. Slick (Mini Gobi), originally uploaded by valleydweller.

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Old School Video Game Show

I was thrilled when I found out I’d be participating in Gallery 1988′s upcoming Old School Video Game show. Doing something in Vinyl was fairly obvious, since that’s what I’ve been focusing on for the last year.  I’d recently come … Continue reading

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Lots of Super7 finals, post SDCC, Toy Romance.

Finished up a bunch of customs on Super7 vinyl.  This post compiles some goofy pics of romantic pairings, inspired by and added to a post on the Skullbrain forums. rv_x_honoo, originally uploaded by valleydweller.

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Making that 40k display base, stages.

Making that #40k display base, stages., originally uploaded by valleydweller. Here’s a quick overview of how I approach creating a display board/diorama. 1: Materials. Have enough. Here I’m making a display for ten infantry models. This foam block seemed like … Continue reading

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Goodbye to my Run-Doh / Zombie Dash Shipping

Trying to catch up wit the guy who sought out and purchased up my custom 10-doh. Thanks!, originally uploaded by valleydweller. I was thrilled that someone had seen shots of my custom from this article in Vinyl Pulse… He … Continue reading

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Post-SDCC personal wrapup

Mini featherhead, a Baharroth Celsius tribute., originally uploaded by valleydweller. Comic Con International (SDCC) has come and gone. I have to admit, it was really wild to look back at last year, where I showed up and knew almost nobody, … Continue reading

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