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Dirty Bomb and Slick (Mini Gobi)

A pair of custom Muttpop Mini Gobi have been completed and added to my webstore to help fuel my trip to Designer Con. Store Link: Dirty Bomb (Mini Gobi), originally uploaded by valleydweller. Slick (Mini Gobi), originally uploaded by valleydweller.

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Interview up on TOYSREVIL

Andy Heng from ToysRevil was kind enough to ask me to answer some questions for a feature on his blog, and I was only too happy to oblidge. You can read it by clicking here or the image below.

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Sketchbot Custom Show 2

Super7 customs for One Off show. Sal, Steven, & Garuru, originally uploaded by valleydweller. I still need to do a 2010 retrospective, but for now, here’s a look at what I’ll have available at Super7 on Saturday the 29th. My … Continue reading

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Slashbot GID Sneak Peek

Slashbot GID Sneak Peek, originally uploaded by valleydweller. Sketchbot Custom Show 2 is TOMORROW!  Here’s a glimpse of what my custom, Slashbot, looks like in the dark.  Hit the link to see it featured in the grid preview in the … Continue reading

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TRE Benefit Custom Fatcaps

TRE Benefit Custom Fatcaps, originally uploaded by valleydweller. Andy Heng of ToysRevil was recently hospitalized, and Cris Rose began drumming up support from the community. These 5 custom “Synapticaps” are my attempt to help out a bit. SpankyStokes has graciously … Continue reading

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Little Monsters

Sneaking into another custom toy show this month. Little Monsters is a Group Art Show and Halloween Party hosted by Million Fishes Gallery in SF. I handed off the following three pieces last weekend, and am really looking forward to … Continue reading

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Benched. 10-22

Started the night off with a rotocasting experiment involving 2.5oz of resin and a plastic computer mouse package. No spills, ok roto. only one problem: didn’t use mold release. After that debacle, got back to familiar territory with ratty ol’ … Continue reading

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Aside from a lot of bubbles, my first mold in 8 years came out OK. Poured and pulled eight on Monday. Started getting a bit loopy with exhaustion and resin fumes, so I cleaned up and started to head out. … Continue reading

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last week in the… y’know.

infodump. pics later. Friday: dropped cash at TAP Plastics. Realm of Battle gameboard arrives from Nottingham. Saturday; Alamo GW swap meet. Traded Empire for Necrons and High Elves. Eldar for Tau and Tyranids. Got another 7 wraithguard in a swap … Continue reading

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Qeesassin model 242 flyer

Made a flyer/sell sheet for my BATTERY Qee custom. Qeesassin 242: codename “BATTERY’

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