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Making that 40k display base, stages.

Making that #40k display base, stages., originally uploaded by valleydweller. Here’s a quick overview of how I approach creating a display board/diorama. 1: Materials. Have enough. Here I’m making a display for ten infantry models. This foam block seemed like … Continue reading

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last week in the… y’know.

infodump. pics later. Friday: dropped cash at TAP Plastics. Realm of Battle gameboard arrives from Nottingham. Saturday; Alamo GW swap meet. Traded Empire for Necrons and High Elves. Eldar for Tau and Tyranids. Got another 7 wraithguard in a swap … Continue reading

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The Great Gameboard Giveaway

Global Contest:The Great Gameboard Giveaway!Games Workshop picked a winner from photos submitted of player-generated terrain pieces and gave them a fully painted and textured Realm Of Battle gameboard. They picked mine. 9-06-2010: “Thanks to everyone who entered ‘The Great Gameboard … Continue reading

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