last week in the… y’know.

infodump. pics later.
Friday: dropped cash at TAP Plastics. Realm of Battle gameboard arrives from Nottingham.
Saturday; Alamo GW swap meet. Traded Empire for Necrons and High Elves. Eldar for Tau and Tyranids. Got another 7 wraithguard in a swap for Screaming Bell.
Drove to SF after for Cinematico/Ghostbot/Maverix party.
Ghostbot tweets photo of me and the back of Jason Felix’s head.
Sunday: public transportation adventure OMW to APE im SF. Bought EGG, sketchbook, buttons, DIY Squid, sculpting tools, flipbooks.
Dinner and Dragon with family, then retired to studio to pour Qeesassin baby headgear mold. Sketchbot custom progress. Made sculpey Big Vash push mold, & did hair for commission. Dragon commentary, then Pratchett. Tried glove mold, will demold in the morning and hope it wasn’t a disaster.

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